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Under Armour Performance Mouthwear has been engineered to unlock your power and potential. It's all in you, but blocked by one of the human body's instinctive reflex systems – teeth-clenching. With safe, custom-fitted Performance Mouthwear, athletes in any physical activity or sport – from football and wrestling to Yoga and golf – can capitalize on innovation that makes you stronger, faster and better.


This new technology, developed by the company Bite Tech who specializes in performance mouthwear, prevents your teeth from clenching and pivots your jaw forward. This position relieves pressure on the jaw joint, keeping excessive negative hormones from being produced. This jaw position also improves airway opening.

Proven Performance Enhancements

Research has shown that strength is improved by an average of 17% and lactic acid buildup is decreased by 25% by wearing the Under Armour Performance Mouthwear. Studies also show an improvement in responding to auditory and visual cues which could speed reaction time.


It is amazing something as simple as a custom mouthguard could actually increase physical performance. This technology is backed by some of the biggest names in professional sports, and recommended by professional trainers and strength coaches.

The Fitting Process

This patented technology is applied in a three-step process: we will take an impression of your teeth here at Cory Logan DDS in order to get a custom-fit; then, the impression will be shipped to a lab for the sport guard to be made; and, finally, the mouthwear will come back to our office where we will give you a final fitting.

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