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iTero® Dental Scanner

When you need a dental crown, bridge, denture,or Invisalign® taking impressions is unavoidable. Also unavoidable has been the gooey mess that having an impression required. Not only the mess, but also having to sit with large trays of gooey mess in your mouth. Hasn’t dental science come up with a better way? The answer, fortunately, is YES! Dr. Logan offers digital impressions made with the iTero® element Scanner.

In only a matter of minutes, this advanced dental technology scans your tooth and a clear 3D impression appears almost immediately on the monitor next to your exam chair. The scan is quick, painless and provides your Houston, TX dentist with a more accurate picture of your tooth.

Dental Impressions in a Flash

With the iTero® element scanner,  Dr. Logan can capture the details of a tooth and surrounding gum in  minutes. A small handheld wand with a camera is carefully inserted into your mouth. There’s no goop and no sitting still waiting for the mold to solidify. This scanner does its job quickly and provides a clear and detailed image that allows your Houston, TX dentist to create the most accurate restorations or dentures for your smile.

Beautiful and Comfortable Smile with iTero®

With precise pictures from the iTero® element scanner, we can create bridges, crowns, dentures and even porcelain veneers that fit more comfortably over your remaining tooth structure. Your restored or replaced teeth will feel more like your own teeth—so much so that you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

In addition, the iTero® element scanner works in conjunction with Invisalign® clear braces to give you a glimpse at the outcome of orthodontic treatment. Many patients go into their treatment time with Invisalign® feeling more confident in what their smiles will look like because of this sneak peek.

Safe and Accurate Images

The iTero® element scanner uses digital technology rather than x-rays, so there’s no need to be concerned about radiation exposure.  The iTero® element scanner is always accurate, thereby saving you time at your appointment.

For more information about iTero® element scanner or to schedule an appointment for tooth restoration or replacement, contact Dr. Cory Logan DDS. We want to help you have a beautiful and healthy smile!

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